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100 years
In 1912, cardiovascular disease was so rare it took years to find it. Yet, in less than 100 years, the changes wrought to our lifestyle, environment and to the food we eat have made it the number on killer in North America.
High homocysteine levels are implicated in the development of many diseases conditions, including peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease, cancer and neural birth defects.
Do not fear cancer; the human body is incredibly tough ... given the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, it will resist cancer for a lifetime - Lewis Thomas, President Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital
If you have no time for exercise, you'd better reserve a lot of time for disease. - Dr. Michael Colgan
A supplement must supply nutrition in the correct balance and at potencies shown to promote lifelong health. Avoid nutritional fads -- insist on balance, completeness and quality. Your health depends on it.

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How Do You Know What Supplements to Take?

This question is what started us on the path of putting this web page together. We have been on a search for the right supplement/vitamins for years. We knew supplements and vitamins would contribute to health but there was no criteria. Many things pointed to we should be taking vitamins. But which one and what company?

Dennis, one of the authors of this set of pages, had the unique opportunity to hear Dr. Ray Strand speak in Minneapolis. Dr. Strand stuck an enormous chord. Here was a real medical doctor saying that after 30 years of practicing medicine like all other doctors, his wife Elizabeth, showed him there was a missing piece, diet and nutrition are more important than taking drugs.

Elizabeth Strand had been dealing with Fibromyalgia for years eventually ended up bedridden, only able to be up a couple hours a day. Strand said she also had developed Chronic Fatigue. Her children took turns staying home from school to care for her. One day a friend of hers visited and seeing how bad she was, suggested Elizabeth try some supplements that she had heard some good things about. Elizabeth asked her husband what he thought. He said he told her that it was obvious none of the drugs he prescribed were helping her so she had nothing to lose. She started taking the supplements.  In three weeks she was out of bed, staying up later than her husband was. In three months she was out training her horses again. Dr. Strand said he was amazed and could hardly believe it. He had been watching his wife slowly succumb to her aliments. All the medical information and treatments he offered her did nothing to stop her slide. She starts taking a high quality supplement and gets better- rapidly. 

Dr. Strand said he picked the five of his worse Fibromyalgia patients. He recommended they each take the same supplements. They all improved. This changed the way he practiced medicine. To actually hear this story and more from Dr. Strand go to his web page Dr. Strand has also written numerous books.

So where did that chance encounter with Dr. Strand and his information and confirmations lead us?  In addition to bringing huge confirmation to what we believed and were seeking, he also brought us the name of a supplement company that was different than all the others. This company approached supplements from a clinical & scientific perspective and produced top rated products. And he could document that these products were rated number one. Dr. Strand is now on the advisory committee of the company.

So we took Dr. Strand's recommendation to this company he thought so highly of and did our own research. Dennis even made a trip to Utah. The more we learned about the company, the better it looked. We discovered there are many professionals like Dr. Strand working with this company.

But the bottomline question was what about the products? Were they different than others we were familiar with? Was the manufacturing process top rated? Were those stories about the good effects people were having true? Yes to all those questions and much more.

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The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements

A missing piece all those years was:

bulletWhat supplements and vitamins should a person take?
bulletWhat company offered the best ones?

In our research we learned about a book published in Canada that actually rated supplements. The book is called The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. Lyle McWilliams, a biochemist and former member of the Canadian Parliament and a member of the of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, served "at the behest of Canada's federal Minister of Health to develop a new regulatory framework for natural health products, ensuring Canadians access to safe, effective and high quality nutritional supplements." His collected information became The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements.

McWilliams asked five well known, respected and published nutritional authorities to create a list of specific recommendations for daily nutrition. In other words, if they could create a supplement what would each of them want the supplement to contain or do? McWilliams took those recommendations and came up with a blended standard. He used this standard to evaluate over 1,000 different products. His team then gave each product a score. The supplement company Dr. Strand recommended to his patients was number one.

The Guide is much more than a listing of supplement & vitamin companies, it also contains a lot of information about different kinds of vitamins and minerals and the value to us. There is a great chapter on antioxidants. If you have an interest in your health and want to learn more about how nutrition can help, you need to read this book. The Chapters in the book are:

bulletSection I: Supplementation and Degenerative Disease
bulletSection II: The Safety of Supplements
bulletSection III: Rating the Products
bulletSection IV: Top Products
bulletSection V: Graphical Comparisons
bulletSection VI: Product Ratings for All Products

You can get a copy of this book and many other health books including Dr. Strand's books from the collection we set up in our store at Click here to go to the store.

The fourth edition of the Guide is now out. It is more comprehensive and compares 1,500 different supplements, giving each a score. This book is the "definitive resource for anyone serious about optimal nutrition and anti-aging defence." "It is your roadmap to understanding the remarkable protective powers of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants." Link to the publishers web page They offer a short video about the book and why it was published. That link is here.



bullet Donabee E-Store - where you can find Dr. Strand's books among other similar books and The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements
bullet - Dr. Strand's web page
bullet - Dr. Strand's web page on losing weight which includes a full program
bullet Northern Dimensions Publishing - The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements home page


bulletThe Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements - Lyle McWilliams and Northern Dimensions Publishing
bulletThe Donabee store does pay us for any purchases made. Any profits made will help offset the cost of this web page and providing the information. This is more of a convenience for people wanting copies of these excellent books.

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