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Choosing the Right Supplements

Imagine this. What if:

bulletYour body is a miraculous machine that can heal and protect itself IF you give it the nutrition it needs and protect it from negative effects. Your body does not get sick because it is lacking a drug. You get sick because you are not taking care of yourself and not feeding your body properly.
bulletDegenerative diseases are a result of poor nutrition and a quality supplement can fill in those gaps in your diet and help your body
bulletThe drug companies are wrong, health & prevention of disease is the answer not taking drugs to treat symptoms
bulletYou don't have to look forward to getting a degenerative disease

Most of us live too short and die too long...

What supplements should you take?

That is the million dollar question. Like most of us you probably have heard you should take this vitamin for that, another vitamin for this, minerals for that and antioxidants for even better health. It was refreshing to hear Dr. Strand talk about a science based supplement company that took the approach of providing a  quality supplement that contained optimum amounts of all the necessary nutrients. Note I said optimum and not 100% of the RDA (minimum recommended) allowances. Everyone is different and have different nutritional needs at different times. This approach says provide your body with adequate levels and your body will take what it needs at that particular time and discard any excess.

So to answer the question directly Dr. Strand recommends we all need to take most of the list of vitamins and nutrients and let your body choose what it needs. The keys to good health are:

bulletHealthy lifestyle - Choose healthy actions and foods. Degenerative diseases are often referred to as lifestyle diseases. Smoking, drinking and making poor choices in eating are lifestyle choices.
bulletEat quality and proper foods - Moderation is the key but avoid processed foods, high glycemic carbohydrates, sugar and artificial sweeteners, most cooking oils, MSG, hydrogenated oils, etc. The Mediterranean diet is a good one to choose or the Diabetic diet. Pay attention to what you eat. If you eat in restaurants ask them what they put into their foods. Lack of choice is a choice.
bulletBe aware of the chemicals you are exposing your body to. Cleaning supplies, cosmetics, skin products, yard chemicals, etc. often contain things that are not good for children and other living things. Try to avoid them.
bulletDrink lots of water - Your body is mostly composed of water not soda Pop or coffee. If you drink "fruit juice" at least read the label. Most of the "fruit juice" you purchase is not juice. It is flavored sugar water. (Actually fruit juices are not the best way to get fruit in your diet and probably shouldn't be on the list although it is 10000% better than soda pop.)
bulletExercise - and do it regularly. Be active. Choose the stairs and walk when you can. Go dancing. Make it a habit.
bulletUse a quality supplement.

How to pick a company to acquire supplements from?

We could discuss all kinds of criteria but this is what we came up with:

bulletThe company should use the pharmaceutical grade supplements rather than GMP (good manufacturing practice or food standards) to guarantee the contents and what the label says is actually in the supplements.
bulletDo they do their own research including clinical studies on their products? Can you get access to this information?
bulletAvoid fad vitamins and supplements. Everyone is looking for the magic bullet. There isn't a magic bullet. Good nutrition and a multi-supplement are the keys. Magic juice drinks are ok but I haven't seen one offer a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Most are good antioxidants at best.


bulletWe are not able to link directly to the company web page. Contact us for more information.

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