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Your body is composed of 75% water. Water is very important to you. You can't live without it. And if you don't get enough of it, your body reacts as if you were in a desert and can't get water. Many aliments your doctor gives you prescription drugs for are a result of lack of water. And these can be cured by drinking more water. Read on.

The body manifests dehydration in the form of pain. Depending on where dehydration is settled, you feel pain there.(1)

The major pains of the body such as, heartburn, rheumatoid joint pain, back pain, colitis pain, migraine headaches, fibromyalgic pain, even angina pain are signs of dehydration in the human body.

"The body manifests dehydration in as many ways as we, in medicine, have invented diseases. Dry mouth is not a sign of dehydration and waiting to get thirsty is wrong. Thirst should be prevented. When the body doesnít receive water and you have pain, that is a sign of dehydration.  Pain in the body is a crisis call of the body for water.

If you have heartburn, your body is telling you itís short of water in your gastrointestinal track. Youíve had a heavy meal, there wasnít enough water to liquefy and break down the food and get it absorbed and it gives you pain. You didnít have a dry mouth because you swallowed all the food, but nonetheless, since you didnít have enough water in the body, it manifested dehydration by producing heartburn. Heartburn can be cured with water. I use the word ďcuredĒ because it is a sign of dehydration. When you cure dehydration, the disease will go." (2)

"The best thing is to drink water before food. Drink water half an hour before food if youíre a heartburn sufferer. That water will go into the stomach and into the intestines, priming the mucus membrane to receive food. And, water is in the stomach to be used for liquefaction of food Ė to break it, to prepare the food into smaller particles so they can be absorbed. That is what water does. If you donít drink water beforehand, the body doesnít have enough water that it can liberate for other activity. Any water that is in your body is already engaged in an activity. You need fresh water for fresh activity. If youíre introducing solid food, this is a fresh activity. You need fresh water to dissolve it and break it down.

Where you have pain, itís showing that that area is dehydrated.  If there is not enough water to wash away the chemical toxic waste from an area that is still active metabolizing, then toxic waste builds up. It is just like the garbage collector not collecting the garbage. You are still creating garbage and putting it in front of the house but it is not being cleared away. When that garbage doesnít get picked up, in time it will become stagnant and it will produce stench in your environment. Exactly the same happens in the cells in the body."(2)

When there is activity, there is a build-up of toxic waste. If that waste is not cleared up, the environment becomes pungent. It will become acidic. This acidic toxic environment is sensed by the nerve endings in the area. The signal is sent to the brain and the brain registers it as pain. Pain means there is a build up of toxic waste where you have the pain. All you need to do is to wash that toxic waste by drinking more water, letting it circulate and clean the area, washing the toxic waste out. Water will bring the toxins into the circulation and then pass it out through the kidneys or neutralize it in the liver or some of the gases could be passed through the lungs. When you have a pain, that is why. There are a 110 million Americans who have pain, not knowing that they didnít drink enough water to wash the toxic waste out of their body.

Nothing substitutes for water - No other drink -
bulletno coffee,
bulletno tea,
bulletno soda,
bulletno alcoholic beverages.
bulletno Not even fruit juices.

Each one of them has its own agenda. Your body is used to a fluid that has no agenda, because the body depends on the freedom of that fluid, water. There are two kinds of water in the body. There is already occupied and engaged water, which is no value for new functions. The body needs new water, or free water, to perform new functions. Non-water beverages do not provide what the body needs. Your body needs pure water, H20. When you give it sugar or caffeine containing beverages, both  have their own chemical agenda in the body.  Any other fluid actually defeats the purpose of the need for water and creates additional issues for the body.(1)

Most medication is used to cover up symptoms, signs and complications of dehydration in the human body. The human body manifests dehydration by a series of symptoms and signs, perceptive symptoms of dehydration -- in other words, your brain senses dehydration. Other symptoms of dehydration are:

bulletTiredness when you havenít done a good dayís work and should not feel tired
bulletFirst thing in the morning when you want to get up out of bed and youíre tired or you canít get up
bulletA feeling of being angry
bulletQuick reactions

When the brain has very little energy from hydroelectricity to cope with the information or take action. These are some of the perceptive signs of dehydration. Then the body has its drought management program:

bulletImmune diseases.

We lose about a quart of water through breathing every day
. It is actually the surface tension in the alveoli of the lungs that produces contraction of these tiny membranes, and air is pushed out. And in the process, that water will leave with the air that is leaving. So you lose about a quart of water in breathing.  We need to replenish that. When we donít replenish it, the body tightens up the bronchioles and plugs up the holes. We call this reduced air flow in the lungs due to dehydration, asthma.

There are roughly 17 million children in America who have asthma. The reason is children are not drinking water. Children consume more and more sodas.  So they are getting dehydrated. Sodas do not function in the same way as water, and the children get asthma. Give your children water, and their asthma will disappear in a matter of a few hours. The breathing will become normal. The need for inhalers will disappear.

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Footnotes: This information was taken from an interview between Mike Adams - the Health Ranger and Dr. F. Batmanghelidj founder of the National Association for Honesty in Medicine and "Your Body's Many Cries for Water."
 Read more or download the interview at this URL:

(2) Dr. F. Batmanghelidj from an interview


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