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Am I Eating GMO

Eating GMO Food?
Am I eating genetically engineered foods? Want to know, click here.
What's Wrong?
So what's wrong with GMOs? new genes and combinations of genes made in the laboratory, which have never existed in billions of years of evolution, are being introduced into our food chain Read More, click here.
Bees are Dying
Bees are dying in such dramatic numbers across the country that the economic consequences could soon be dire. No one knows for sure what is causing the bees to perish, but some experts believe that the large-scale use of genetically modified plants in the US could be a factor. Read More, click here.

Am I Eating GMO
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Am I eating genetically engineered foods?

The simple answer is yes. Recent estimates suggest that more than 60% of food products on US shelves may contain at least a small quantity of some crop that has been genetically engineered. But which foods? As it turns out, because products made from GE plants are not required to be labeled in the US, that's a difficult question to answer. But the information that follows should give readers a rough estimate of the prevalence of specific GE plants in the foods we eat.

There are 12 different genetically engineered plants that have been approved for commercial production in the US. A simple rule of thumb might be that any food containing ingredients from one of these 12 plants could be from a GE variety. For example, because there are several approved varieties of GE corn, any product containing corn-- be it canned corn, corn syrup, cornstarch, or popcorn-- might contain GE corn. But this isn't necessarily true: many approved varieties have never been marketed, were available only for a short time and then pulled from shelves, or are available only in certain markets or products.

So how common are GE foods really? If you walked into your local grocery store and picked up any product at random, how likely is it to contain something genetically engineered? Of the 12 crops for which GE commercial varieties have been approved, here's how likely you are to run across a GE version (listed roughly in order of likelihood). Follow the links for more details.
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bulletInformation from Genetically Engineered Organisms Public Issues Education Project, Cornell University, click here

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