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Pumping Iron
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Pumping Iron and Using Machines to work out

This page is for people that are not doing this type of work out. If you are already then you no doubt know and are beyond the scope of this conversation. This is for people that may not have a clue of why and how to use free weights and/or machines.

The reason people use any kind of weights when they "work out" is it increases the resistance and forces the muscles to work harder. When you work the muscles out with resistance you can add a new dimension. You can use weights to build muscles, ala Arnold, or you can just tone your muscles. How you use the weights and how heavy they are will alter your results. The heavier the weights, and fewer repetitions, the more potential for building muscle, if you do it right. Lighter weights and more the repetitions tones the muscles.

Woman must work much harder to build muscles than men do. Just the way it is. But women CAN BUILD muscle if that is the objective it just takes more focused effort.

After years of going to a gym, I personally appreciate what it takes to achieve a hard body, men or woman. It takes a commitment of time and dedication. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but I like to see a woman who has a hard body. I don' t necessarily mean lots of muscles.

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